sv-fennecringFennec ring in sterling silversv-fennec-ring-sm

Fennec Ring

“I am Tamamo, once called the Jewel without Flaw. I am the golden fox spirit, who has lived for over two thousand years. I have the knowledge of all magic and I have been worshiped by nations and by men.” – Green Willow and other Japanese Fairy Tales by Grace James, Macmillan and Co

Intricate details really make this Fennec Fox Ring stand out.

This item was lovingly hand carved in wax and cast in sterling silver, an oxidised finish brings out the fine detail. If you would like a custom size simply leave us a note during checkout.

Please note that there is a 1 week production time on pieces as each item is handmade to order. If you have a deadline or require expedited shipping let us know, we will try our utmost to get your order to you on time.