Jewellery Sizing & Care

Find your Ring Size:

Folklorika standard ring sizes are K/XSmall, M/Small, O/Medium, Q/Large.

SA/UK Size
US Size
Inside Diameter
Inside Circumference
K 5.25 15.9 mm 49.9mm
M 6.25 16.7 mm 52.5mm
O 7.25 17.5 mm 55mm
Q 8.25 18.3 mm 57.6mm


Caring for your Jewellery:

Take your jewellery off when showering or cleaning to maintain its lustre.

If your ring is adjustable please take care not to bend it continuously over a period of time as it will cause damage.


Cleaning your Jewellery:

Soak jewellery in a small bowl of warm water and dish-washing liquid for 10-20 minutes to soften dirt. Remove and gently dry with a soft towel.

Do not use jewellery cleaning chemicals like silver dip to clean oxidised (blackened) jewellery as it will remove the oxidization and give the items a dull appearance.